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Clear Ridge Nursery was founded in 1994. At first, the nursery had 18 types of plants and 20,000 plants in 1-2 gallon pots. The nursery grew larger as tractors and equipment were purchased, a small workforce was employed, and more plants were added to the farm.

We are a family owned and operated nursery that specializes in growing native landscape quality trees and shrubs. We are centrally located in Carroll County, Maryland, so we can deliver plants to people living in the Mid-Atlantic area. Our customers can also take advantage of our full range of services. Our mission is simple: To grow the highest quality native and ornamental trees and shrubs and to supply plants from other growers that meet our standards of quality.

Reforestation projects are important for many reasons. They help to restore ecosystems that have been damaged by logging or other activities, provide habitat for wildlife, and help to control soil erosion. We have provided trees for two separate reforestation efforts in Ohio, the first in Miamisburg, OH, and the second in Jackson, OH. These projects are making a difference in the state of Ohio, and we are proud to be a part of them.


We are a nursery that specializes in supplying plants for conservation projects in Ohio. We have a long history of successfully growing plants for other businesses. We have over 70 kinds of native and ornamental trees and 350,000 plants in different sizes. 

Whether your interest is in landscaping, reforestation, mitigation, conservation or contract grows, we guarantee you’ll love our plant material!

Wholesale Native Trees and Shrubs in Ohio

About Ohio

Ohio is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. Of the fifty U.S. states, it is the 34th-largest by area, and with a population of nearly 11.8 million, is the seventh-most populous and tenth-most densely populated. The state’s capital and largest city is Columbus, with the Columbus metro area, Greater Cincinnati, and Greater Cleveland being the largest metropolitan areas. Ohio is bordered by Lake Erie to the north, Pennsylvania to the east, West Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Indiana to the west, and Michigan to the northwest. Ohio is historically known as the “Buckeye State” after its Ohio Buckeye trees, and Ohioans are also known as “Buckeyes”. Its state flag is the only non-rectangular flag of all the U.S. states.

Eight presidents of the United States have come from Ohio. This has led to it receiving the moniker “the Mother of Presidents”. Ohio is the birthplace of many famous people, inventions and firsts. It was first inhabited by the Clovis culture of the Paleo-Indian period in 13,000 BC. “Ohio” is derived from the Iroquois word “oyo,” which means “great river.” Columbus is located within 500 miles of 48 percent of the U.S. population. Ohio State University is the third largest university in the country by enrollment, with about 55,500 students, trailing only the University of Central Florida and the University of Texas. Ohio is known as the “Birthplace of Aviation” because the Wright Brothers hailed from Dayton, where they conceived their airplane. The first ambulance service was established in Cincinnati in 1865, and Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team. 

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