Wholesale Native Trees & Shrubs in Delaware

About Us

Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc. is a family-owned and operated wholesale nursery that specializes in growing native landscape quality trees and shrubs. We are centrally located in Carroll County, Maryland with delivery options available throughout the Mid-Atlantic area.  We are a full service wholesale plant and product supplier.

Clear Ridge Nursery was founded in 1994, when it had only 18 species and 20,000 plants in 1-2 gallon pots. Clear Ridge Nursery developed into a native nursery as tractors and equipment were purchased, a small workforce was employed, and thousands of plants were added to the farm.

Since the Fall of 2014 Clear Ridge Nursery has been providing Native and Ornamental plants from other growers. We are not just a grower anymore but a Wholesale Supplier of Plants and Plant products.

Ashland Nature Center is one of the many organizations in Delaware that has benefited from the wholesale plants and trees provided by Clear Ridge Nursery. The nature center, which is located in New Castle County, offers a variety of environmental education programs for children and adults. It is open to the public year-round and includes 242 acres of beautiful scenery.  The Ashland Nature Center is just one example of how Clear Ridge Nursery is making a positive impact on the Delaware community.


Clear Ridge Nursery is a wholesale nursery, specializing in supplying large quantities of containerized plants for reforestation, mitigation, and conservation projects. We also have a long history of successfully growing plants under contract. 

Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc. is MBE/DBE certified in Delaware which allows us to provide assistance to customers who have projects requiring minority participation. We guarantee you’ll love our plant material, so for your next project in Delaware, give us a try!

Wholesale Native Trees and Shrubs in Delaware

About Delaware

Delaware is in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordering Maryland to its south and west; Pennsylvania to its north; and New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean to its east. The state takes its name from the nearby Delaware River, in turn, named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman, and Virginia’s first colonial governor.

The state is divided into three counties, having the lowest number of any state, from north to south, they are New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County.  Delaware is the second smallest state, with a land area of 1,948 square miles. 

Delaware declared its independence from Great Britain on June 15, 1776, and thereby also became independent of Pennsylvania with which it had been connected since 1682. Delaware was the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution and thus became known as the “First State.” Dover, named by William Penn for Dover in Kent, England, is the capital of Delaware.

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