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Salix nigra (Black Willow)


Habit: Black Willow is a medium-sized tree reaching heights of 35-50 feet in the open. Many native Willows are rather clumpy due to their awkward growing position on streambanks and wetlands. However, Black Willow has the potential to be a nice landscaping tree with a round topped crown. Growth is extremely fast, especially when young.


Color: Leaves are dark green with silvery undersides which provides an interesting texture, especially when the wind blows.


Culture: Black Willow loves moisture-it is usually found native around wetlands, marshes, ponds, and streambanks. Prefers a sunny location. Extremely easy to transplant. If you want another Willow tree, simply clip a straight branch (whip) from the tree in winter and stick it in the ground (preferably a moist area). The following spring, it should grow roots and into a tree!


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