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Quercus prinus (Chestnut Oak)


Habit: Chestnut Oak is a large overstory native tree reaching 60-70 feet in height. Habit is rounded out in the open, more narrow and straight when grown in a woodland. A fantastic oak for wildlife species and naturalized plantings. Grows fairly quickly (12-15 feet in 10 years) for an oak.


Color: Typically yellow leaves in autumn and acorns are one of the darker brown hues among oaks.


Culture: Can tolerate very dry conditions as Chestnut Oak is a native to upland rocky soil. If you were to dig a wild-grown plant it wouldn’t be the easiest plant to transplant due to its lengthy taproot. However, our nursery grown trees are ready to go with their dense fibrous roots. Full sun or part shade. Once established it takes little to no maintenance.


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