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Pinus strobus (White Pine)

Habit: Eastern White Pine is the largest evergreen tree native to the east coast. While it can grow over 200 feet in the wild, it is much more adaptable for both landscape use and for restoration projects, typically growing between 50-80 feet tall.

In youth, Eastern White Pine is dense and full with foliage, with a slightly pyramidal/round shape. As it matures, bottom branches begin to fall off and the tree becomes towering and majestic. In groves of pine, blankets of needles cover the ground.


Color: Needles are a beautiful dark bluish green. White Pine holds its color well throughout the winter season. Mature trees have a memorable silhouette that can be seen for miles when deciduous trees have lost their leaves.


Culture: A very easy species to transplant and grow. Fairly adaptable to a wide range of soils, though it prefers well-drained and slightly moist conditions. Grows fairly quickly and can be used as a specimen tree, windbreak, or hedge row. Used as Christmas trees in some parts of the country.


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