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Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip poplar)


Habit: Our tallest deciduous tree in the Eastern United States, Tulip Poplar (or Yellow Poplar) is a large native canopy tree. Typically growing to heights of about 75-100 feet, this gargantuan can grow over 200 feet tall in the forest! Not a tree for a small residential property. Grow in woodland restoration projects or as a specimen in a large yard.


Color: Although often too high on the tree to see, Tulip Poplar has magnificent tulip-shaped flowers borne in May. It is unfortunate that the display of these Magnolia-like flowers is usually missed by all but the birds. In autumn, mature trees sparkle in a landscape with their gold foliage.


Culture: Enjoys moist, well drained-soil in full sun. Once mature and established, will tolerate dry soil and non-optimal conditions quite nicely.


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