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Cornus amomum (Silky Dogwood)


Habit: Silky Dogwood is a lesser known species within the Cornus genus. Growing to 6-10 feet tall, Silky Dogwood quickly grows to a rounded shape and will sucker profusely from the base, forming a large colony if left unchecked. Will typically grow multi-stemmed, like other shrubby dogwoods such as Red Twig Dogwood.


Color: Great stem color (reddish/brownish purple), especially in winter. Striking bluish fruits in autumn which birds adore. Reddish flower/fruit stalks provide an interesting ornamental effect after the fruits have been eaten.


Culture: Very tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions and soils. Full sun or shade. Moist conditions or dry. In the wild Cornus amomum grows in moist conditions, mostly by streambanks. However, it will tolerate drier conditions once established. Silky Dogwood is a great choice for any place where it is relatively difficult to grow other plants.


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