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Cercis canadensis (Eastern Redbud)


Habit: Redbud is known for its heart-shaped leaves and beautiful pink blooms. As an understory tree it grows 20-30 feet tall. In sun, it will form a full rounded crown and flat top. Often you’ll see specimens that are multi-stemmed. We currently sell single stemmed trees that are great for specimen planting, massing, or woodland projects.


Color: In early spring, Redbud will bloom into a spectacular sight of tiny pink blooms right before it leafs out. The entire tree will be bright pink at about the same time Flowering Dogwood blooms. One of the best natives for spring color. As the leaves emerge, the foliage will be tinged with a reddish color before turning dark green as they expand.


Culture: Adaptable, but prefers moist and well-drained soil. Normally Redbud grows more rapidly and will provide a better flower in full sun, but it is an understory tree that does well in shade. Once established Redbud will tolerate dry conditions.


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