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Carya tomentosa (Mockernut Hickory)


Habit: Mockernut Hickory is a large tree that typically grows about 50-60 feet tall. One of the best hickories for planting and naturalizing due to its ability to survive some of the most inhospitable conditions.


Color: Leaves will turn a graceful golden yellow in autumn. Dark green, dense leaves in summer provide significant shade.


Culture: Once established will grow well on dry upland soil but best results will be in a well-drained moist area. Like all hickories, rather difficult to transplant but we grow Mockernut Hickory in tall tree pots that help establish a taproot root system and make transplanting easier. Full sun or part shade.


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Picture Credit: By John B., Dendroica cerulea (flickr image 8745432970, “Mockernut Hickory”) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons









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