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Carya ovata (Shagbark Hickory)

Habit: Shagbark Hickory is one of the most beautiful native hickories, gracing the forests in eastern North America. With a height of 60-80 feet, Shagbark Hickory typically has a long narrow trunk with shaggy bark that peels in long flat plates or curls.


Color: In autumn Shagbark Hickory turns a brilliant golden yellow that lights up the woods or a landscape. In the spring, large reddish leaf buds appear on the tips of branches. These buds are very attractive and almost look like flowers!


Culture: Typically tough to transplant but like all hickories we grow Shagbark Hickory in tall tree containers so that it is able to form its long taproot. Once planted it should be left alone and never transplanted again so that it is able to establish a proper root structure. Will tolerate both wet or dry soil once established and prefers full sun to part shade.


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