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Carya cordiformis (Bitternut Hickory)


Habit: Bitternut Hickory is a large overstory tree growing to 50-75 feet tall. One of the fastest growing hickories, Bitternut Hickory is a towering tree that forms an irregular but cylindrical crown at maturity. Called “bitternut” because the fruits are supposedly bitter enough that the squirrels and wildlife will ignore them until they are desperate in the cold winter months.


Color: Distinguished from other hickories by the large sulfur yellow terminal buds. In autumn, Bitternut Hickory will turn a dark shade of yellow.


Culture: Hickories are always difficult to transplant, however we grow them in tall containers specifically made for taproots to ensure their success. Once established, Bitternut Hickory will grow on just about any site ranging from moist-well drained soils to drier upland locations. Full sun or part shade.


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