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Carpinus caroliniana (American Hornbeam)


Habit: Hornbeam is a small understory tree that typically grows within the range of 25-40 feet tall. Very similar to American Beech in leaf form and bark appearance. However, Hornbeam is a more slender tree that resides underneath the tree canopy in the forest. Relatively slow grower but is very graceful in form and habit while developing very strong wood.


Color: Leaves are red, orange, or yellow in the fall- a very nice addition to a native landscape or woodland. In the winter, the graceful structure and smooth bark are exceptional.


Culture: Fairly easy to transplant, Hornbeam will tolerate both shade and sun. Has a tendency to become more dense when planted in the sun. Moist and well-drained soil. Although a few insects and disease attack occasionally, Hornbeam is known for its resistance to pests and problems.


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