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Betula populifolia ‘Whitespire’ (Gray Birch)


Habit: A small tree of about 20-40 feet, Gray Birch is one of the lesser known Birch species. Gray Birch is usually one of the first trees to appear after a clear cut or fire in its native range. This pioneer species is great for naturalizing open areas because of its rapid growth and ability to form colonies by suckering.


Color: Gray Birch has an attractive grayish/whitish bark that is distinctive to birches. Thickets of this tree can definitely beautify a landscape. Male catkins borne in spring add an interesting textural effect.


Culture: Betula populifolia can grow absolutely anywhere except for medium to heavy shade. As a pioneer species, it likes to have full sun and no competition. In the wild, it is outcompeted after a few decades by larger tree species. Keep it in the sun for maximum growth. Gray Birch is incredibly tolerant of rocky, dry, or wet soils. Easily transplanted.


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