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Habit: Pawpaw is a small to medium sized tree  growing 15-20 feet tall, spreading to form small colonies. Large large are almost tropical in appearance.


Color: Dark green leaves turn to yellow in autumn. If you look closely, spring flowers are small but a beautiful purple!


Culture: Should be transplanted from a container due to long taproot if dug from the field. Occasionally grown and farmed for the Pawpaw fruit, which is a unique and uncommon North American fruit that tastes like banana. Unfortunately, it does not stay ripe for very long so the harvesting period is limited.

However, if you have your own small grove (we suggest 3 or more plants for good fruiting) it is possible to collect the fruits as soon as they ripen each year. You’ll have to keep an eye on them- they are ripe as soon as they begin to fall from the tree. Give the tree a gentle but firm shake. If they do not fall, they are not ripe yet.

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