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Serviceberry Plant Wholesale

Amelanchier canadensis (Serviceberry)


Habit: Serviceberry is a suckering shrub or small tree that can reach up to 15-25 feet in height. A fantastic plant for woodland landscapes or naturalized places. Mass together for a great effect in the spring flowering season. A very popular seller here at Clear Ridge.


Color: Absolutely phenomenal white flowers in early spring (right before Redbud). A grouping of Serviceberry blooming in spring is remarkable. Clusters of mature fruit in early summer are a gorgeous purplish-black. Fruits are edible and can be used in pies, jams, and jellies. Fall leaf color is typically a flaming orange/red. Serviceberry is a wonderful shrub for all-season color.


Culture: Native to boggy/moist areas but will tolerate a range of conditions, including clay soil. Likes full sun but will also survive well in an understory of partial shade. Serviceberry is a great plant for the naturalist- birds absolutely go wild for the fruit.


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