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Clear Ridge Nursery, Inc. is a family owned and operated wholesale tree nursery that specializes in growing native landscape quality trees and shrubs. We are centrally located in Carroll County, Maryland with delivery options available throughout the Mid-Atlantic area. Our licensed and experienced staff is committed to quality customer service. We strive to meet your needs and specifications on every single order. Clear Ridge Nursery Inc. is here to help you succeed in all of your planting projects!

Plant our trees and watch your company grow!

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Why Clear Ridge Nursery?

What sets us apart is our dedication to roots. Roots? Yes, roots! We believe that the success of any containerized plant hinges on the structure and vigor of its root system. For this reason, we focus on creating quality, fibrous root systems that are not pot-bound and will easily transplant into a landscape.

 Our inventory includes over 350,000 native trees and shrubs covering 70+ species. We service the entire Mid-Atlantic region from Maryland and Virginia, to Vermont and New Hampshire and over to Ohio and West Virginia and everywhere in between.

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